X SecurityEdit

Xorg in OpenBSD (and some GNU/Linux distributions) include patches to Xorg.

Window ManagersEdit

In Xorg, you can have many window managers. The screenshot shows fvwm, however you can use any window manager.

X11R6 and X11R7Edit

With X11R6, everything was in one archive. Beginning in X11R7, every package is separated. OpenBSD brought all of X11 and put it in a tree. It organizes everything - into one tree. It is called Xenocara.

Some X ApplicationsEdit

  • xedit
  • oclock
  • twm
  • xterm
  • xmessage
  • xorgcfg
  • xkill


When you install OpenBSD, make sure to select every x* package. To install a simple X11 environment, install xbase, xetc and xserv. Optionally, you can also install xfont.