Info Edit

Samba uses the SMB/CIFS protocol to share files between Windows and Unix. Samba home page is here.

Installing Edit

Download Samba from its homepage and unpack it (replace j with z and bz2 with gz if you didn't download the .tar.bz2, also replace <version>; try using TAB or use "ls" before you type anything):

 # tar xfj samba-<version>.tar.bz2
 # cd samba-<version>
 # ./configure
 # make
 # make install

Configuring Edit

/usr/local/etc/samba/ is the directory to configure Samba in.

Starting Edit

Run "smbd &" to start Samba. Or put this in /etc/rc:

echo "Starting smbd (the Samba daemon):"
smbd &