Links, the browser is a alternative to Lynx. It includes things that were left out of Lynx, such as mouse support, menus and Javascript support. It has partial support for HTML 4.0 and can render complex pages such as those with tables, frames and pages with different character sets).


There are two packages for Links:

  • links+-2.2 - this includes the X version
  • links+-2.2-no_x11 - this one only has the console version.

Simple as thisEdit

# PKG_PATH=http://openbsd.mirror/pub/OpenBSD/x.y/packages/arch pkg_add links+


# links


g - Opens a text box to enter a URL into
Ctrl-N - Next page
Ctrl-P - Previous page
ESC - open menu


ELinks (Experimental/Enhanced Links) adds support for CSS, tabs (still in text mode), background downloading, IPv6 and extension scripting in Perl, Python, Lua and Guile, as well as the ability to insert text into textboxes using an external editor.

It is also available via packages.